Return & Refund Policy


1    Buyer may only cancel his/her order prior to the payment of Buyer’s Purchase Monies into Olive Green Guarantee Account.

2    Buyer may apply for the return of the purchased item and refund prior to the expiry of Olive Green Guarantee Period, if applicable, subject to and in accordance with Olive Green’s Refunds and Return Policy. Please refer to Olive Green ‘s Refunds and Return Policy for further information.

3  Olive Green reserves the right to cancel any transaction on the Site and Buyer agrees that Buyer’s sole remedy will be to receive a refund of the Buyer’s Purchase Monies paid into Olive Green Guarantee Account.

4     If you have redeemed Olive Green Coin for your transaction and you are successful in obtaining a refund based on Olive Green’sRefunds and Return Policy, Olive Green shall refund the monies you have actually paid for the item and credit back any redeemed Olive Green Coin to your Account separately.

5    Olive Green does not monitor the cancellation, return and refund process for offline payment.

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